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Jacqueline + Jerome's Backyard Flower Farm Wedding

Jacqueline + Jerome-51.jpg

There were so many things about this Connecticut wedding that made it one of my favorites. Not only did Jacqueline + Jerome hold their 150-person wedding (successfully) outdoors in the rain, they made every decision with care and intention, with the feeling of "community" existing as the undertone of their day. Knowing full well mother nature would do what she wanted, they both rolled with the punches and celebrated without a care. 


Jacqueline + Jerome's endearing organic flower farm, that sprawls across their quaint North Haven property, was buzzing with two dozen rainboot-wearing kiddos, and dear friends quite literally from all around the world. They mentioned, several times, how they felt so grateful to have friends and family help them get all of their favorite people into one place. Sometimes, it really does take a village to make magic happen, but when it does... Don't even get me going on how teary-eyed the toasts made me, because you know friends you've had for most of your life will always deliver the most touching words.

They've built so much together. Each one of these blossoming dahlias, their beautiful baby daughter, their dream property. An incredible team doesn't describe them in the slightest. I love weddings where I leave thinking to myself "Wow, I can't believe I've missed out on being friends with these people all the years before I knew they existed." I'd do it a million times over. A million more Jacquelines and Jeromes, please, universe.  

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