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Dorothy + Brian's Manhattan Elopement Session


These two... sheesh. Their sarcastic banter and playful nature toward each other reminded me why I love what I do. Being a photographer, specifically one who spends most of her time observing people and the relationships between them, you start to notice the smallest, sweetest nuances about a couple when they're in front of your camera. When you follow them around their favorite places, allowing them to wander with curiosity, you're lucky when you begin to notice things about them that they aren't even slightly aware of. It's the sassy glances in between witty comments, and the way he rubs her hand while they're waiting at the cross walk. I remember when we started photographing, Bryan noticed an eyelash on Dorothy's cheek. The image of him brushing it off is not something you find on Pinterest. These are the "in-between the lines" moments I'm always going on about. You can't describe it -- you just simply notice these moments, and feel the urge to freeze them. In a heat beat. It's them just being them, being completely unaware of how endearing their connection is to even the strangers around them.

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