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My Roots


Collaborative, Personal, Down
to Earth.


Gill is a very down to earth photographer. She is incredibly easy to work with and has shown a will to go out of her way to take photos. The photos are stunning and will provide so many memories for us to look back on.

-Josh Sandage

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I am the definition of an old soul born in the wrong generation -- a majorly extroverted sap with an insatiable soft spot for anything old-school. I love the crackling of a vinyl record and the grain of a photo shot on Portra 400 film. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a hyper-creative with way too much energy to sit still... ever. 


What started as a part-time job working for a wedding florist eventually brought me into something that would set my heart on fire. When I became a wedding photographer, I learned that I loved the chaos of weddings, and being a space for calmness for my clients. I enjoyed being around couples who were so jubilant and unapologetically enamored with each other, and close with their families – their people. I wanted to freeze those emotion-packed moments and soak up all the love in the room, the kind you can feel coming off the pages in a wedding album.  


The relationship-building, connection-forging aspect to wedding photography quickly became my biggest source of fulfillment and happiness. And, as a queer photographer, working with queer clients quickly began to feel like home. I've met countless incredible and kind humans, and the privilege of being a part of these special, major life events is something I simply wouldn’t trade for anything.

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What I do

I am an electric human being with a passion for nostalgia, art, love, community, and human connection. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I thrive behind the lens because I get to use all of those attributes together to create beautiful, moving, powerful images. I like to shy away from trends and create my own unique take on the visual stories that I tell.

Image by Annie Spratt



I believe everything in this work is rooted in trust -- leaning into the vulnerability of being photographed and allowing yourself to feel radiant in your rawest form.

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What to expect when we work together

I’m not a single-phone-call type of chick. I want to really get to know each other and help you design a creative vision that feels meaningful to you. I don't believe in being a stranger with my clients and I ensure an open line of communication at all times. After all, you are a human and friend before you are my client and you will always feel heard and listened to. 

The bottom line is, your contribution to the creative process has gravity that can make real magic happen. Leaning into it can be both exciting and intimidating, but rest assured, we will create art that tells a unique story, leaving you with a positive experience that makes you feel proud and celebrated.  

Experience with me

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